Visit Artfulbracelets’s NEW Jewelry Store in Ketchikan, Alaska!

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If you’ve been following the Dune brand and our latest updates, you’ve probably seen a surge of content about Alaska on our social media channels. Well, there’s a great reason for that… On April 28, 2022, we will proudly unveil our inaugural experiential concept boutique in the stunning location of Ketchikan, Alaska. Yes, that’s right! You heard it here first. We are excited to announce that 122 Main Street, Ketchikan, Alaska is now HOME to our new jewelry store for the 2022 Cruise Season and beyond.

Alaska Charm Necklace Cruise Port Jewelry Boutique

Tremendously excited about this venture, it has been my primary focus for several months now. While currently serving as our Executive Assistant, Danielle Godjikian, @mellowdanyellow_ on Instagram, has fearlessly taken on the role of our Alaskan angel – the manager of our jewelry store for the next 5 months. Our visit to Ketchikan in January was truly unforgettable. Exploring such an untouched, natural paradise and connecting with the locals has been an exhilarating journey for both of us, and every moment has been cherished. If you find yourself in Ketchikan this summer, Danielle will be there to welcome you and introduce you to the untamed beauty of Alaska.

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This remarkable Alaska boutique will feature a variety of classic Artful Bracelets designs meticulously crafted with Ketchikan sand, White Quartz & Gold Flakes, and Forget-Me-Not flower petals. The Forget-Me-Not, with its stunning periwinkle hue, serves as Alaska’s state flower, making it an ideal accent for Alaska’s charcoal sand.

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“Embrace the world’s charms”

One of the highlights of Dune Ketchikan is our Port O’ Call Charm Bar situated in the heart of the store. It will showcase sterling silver and 14kt gold vermeil Alaska-themed charms, along with sand charms representing the top cruise ports worldwide, such as the Bahamas, Barcelona, Jamaica, The Amalfi Coast, and more. At Dune Ketchikan, you have the chance to create your own charm necklace or bracelet with tangible mementos of your beloved cruise moments. It’s a jewelry store unlike any other in the ports of Alaska. More details are unfolding daily, and I eagerly anticipate sharing them with you in real-time on Facebook and Instagram. For now, rest assured that Dune Ketchikan is a must-visit boutique during your Alaska Cruise, and we are eager to welcome you there.

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