Necklace Layering: How To Layer Your Necklaces for Maximum Style

layered necklaces

Are you noticing the sun on your face more often? Can you hear the birds chirping as you wake up? Are allergies driving you mad? Well, guess what… Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner. This year is going to be monumental because many of us missed out on the past two summers due to the pandemic, so it’s time for a significant style comeback. This summer is all about pushing boundaries and exploring new looks!

layered necklaces
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Layering necklaces has always been a fashion must-have, but lately, the trend of creating unique “neck mess” styles with 4 or even 10 layered necklaces has been truly inspiring. Personalize your look by choosing meaningful necklaces that tell a story, making Artful Bracelets your go-to for achieving your desired layered necklace style.

Follow These Steps for Perfectly Layered Necklaces

Here are some tips to achieve the ultimate layered necklace aesthetic:

  1. Embrace controlled chaos: Start your layered necklace look with a larger pendant or a multi-charm necklace as the anchor. Opt for chunky or heavier pieces at the bottom for a balanced appearance.
  2. Experiment with shapes: Mix up pendant or charm shapes throughout your layered necklace ensemble for added visual interest.
  3. Get messy: Imperfection is key for a stylish look when layering necklaces. Don’t hesitate to stack 4, 5, or 6 necklaces for a confident and chic vibe.
  4. Add variety: Incorporate unexpected elements like seed bead necklaces or freshwater pearls to introduce texture and break up metallic tones.
  5. Be bold: Layer all your necklaces at varying lengths, then remove them one by one until you achieve the desired balance and harmony.
  6. Experiment and take your time: Finding the perfect layered necklace combinations requires trying different lengths, charms, metals, and styles to create a look that reflects your unique aesthetic.
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I hope these tips for necklace layering have been helpful. For more inspiration, follow Dune’s Instagram @dunejewelry and my personal account @holly_daniels_christensen.

Lastly, remember to ENJOY the process! Your necklace style is your personal statement, so embrace it with confidence to catch everyone’s eyes this summer.

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