World Whale Day: Support Whale Conservation in Style

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Celebrate World Whale Day in Style by Supporting Whale Conservation

Whales, as majestic giants of the ocean, captivate us with their grace, intelligence, and sheer size, evoking awe and reverence globally. Despite their beauty, whales face threats such as commercial whaling, global warming, pollution, and unsustainable marine tourism.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, 6 out of the 13 great whale species are classified as vulnerable or endangered.

Research by the International Monetary Fund suggests that the conservation of whales contributes significantly to limiting greenhouse gases and global warming. The ocean acts as a vast carbon sink, absorbing 31% of CO2 emissions and releasing more oxygen than Earth’s forests combined.

We Support Whale Conservation

At Dune, we draw continuous inspiration from these magnificent creatures, reflected in our new collection paying homage to whales. Our designs, from whale pendants to intricate necklaces, are sterling silver masterpieces celebrating these remarkable animals.

In collaboration with Whale & Dolphin Conservation, the leading international charity dedicated to whale, dolphin, and porpoise welfare and conservation, we honor these incredible marine mammals.

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With each purchase from our whale-inspired collection, a portion of the proceeds goes to WDC to support their crucial conservation efforts for marine life and habitats.

Continue reading to explore our latest whale-themed designs, each accompanied by an interesting fact about whale conservation.

Discover The Whale-Inspired Collection

Humpback Whale Stationary Necklace

Embrace the majesty of the ocean’s beloved humpback whales with this elegant sterling silver necklace, handcrafted with sand or earth elements. Choose Larimar for feelings of tranquility, strength, and peace.

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Sterling silver ocean-inspired necklace with humpback whale pendant and sand and earth elements.

Fun Whale Fact: Humpback whales in the Southern Hemisphere rely on stored fat reserves for up to 7.5 months annually, traveling from warm breeding areas to the Antarctic to feed on krill.

Orca Necklace

Crafted with meticulous detail and featuring sand or earth elements, the sterling silver Orca Necklace embodies nature’s timeless elegance. Symbolizing community and harmony, the orca serves as a reminder of the wild ocean spirit.

Sterling silver ocean-inspired necklace with orca pendant and sand and earth elements.

Fun Whale Fact: Killer whales, or orcas, are the largest members of the dolphin family, known for their social nature, pod travel, and status as apex predators with impressively large brains compared to other marine mammals.

Whale Pendant Necklace

Delve into the ocean’s wonders with the Whale Pendant Necklace, a sterling silver tribute to the sea’s depths. The round pendant featuring a graceful whale silhouette is an adjustable, versatile accessory for all ocean enthusiasts.

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Opt for either sand or earth elements matched with a turquoise gradient or the healing Larimar stone.

Sterling silver ocean-inspired necklace with a thick cable chain, round shaped pendant with a whale design, and sand and earth elements.

Did You Know?During feeding, whales ingest significant amounts of water equivalent to their body weight. They swiftly approach swarms of plankton or fish, then sift their food through specialized baleen hairs in their throats.

Necklace Featuring a Blue Whale

Immerse yourself in the elegance and grandeur of the blue whale, the largest creature on our planet, with this meticulously crafted piece. Crafted from sterling silver, it serves as a perfect daily homage to your affinity for the ocean. Opt for the healing Larimar stone or the sophisticated Turquoise Gradient choices for a unique touch.

Sterling silver ocean-inspired necklace with an omega or cable chain, blue whale pendant and Larimar stone.

Fun Fact: The Blue Whale, particularly the Antarctic Blue Whale, holds the title of being the largest animal on Earth, weighing around 180 tons and consuming approximately 4 to 5 tons of krill daily.

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Be the Change: Join the Waiting Whales

By purchasing one of the aforementioned options and personalizing it to your preference, you are aiding in the preservation of whales. Your support to the WDC contributes to their dedicated endeavors to eradicate intentional and accidental harm to whales and implement crucial policy alterations.

For those wanting to take it a step further, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation offers an adoption program enabling you to symbolically adopt a Humpback or Killer whale. It does sound incredible, doesn’t it?

What’s holding you back? Save the whales, save the world!

Explore our collection of Whale Jewelry

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