Grown-Up Friendship Bracelets: Elegant Beaded Designs

2 Beaded Grown Up Friendship Bracelets 4

Grown Up Friendship Bracelets

Recall those nostalgic childhood days of crafting friendship bracelets? Whether at sleepovers, camps, or birthdays, there was always a dedicated station for bracelet making. Now, this beloved tradition is experiencing a chic revival, appearing everywhere from Urban Outfitters to Madewell to Anthropologie. Why spend $15 or more when you can effortlessly DIY a personalized piece? Choose a name, mantra, or inside joke—these are meant to be crafted with friends, adding a few to your everyday stack for that extra special touch.

Beaded Grown Up Friendship Bracelets 3

We crafted these during a COVID Craft night, maintaining a safe distance of 6 feet and wearing masks throughout. It was delightful to witness the unique phrases everyone came up with. Instead of purchasing a single bracelet from Anthropologie, you and your friends can create an entire stack together.

Materials Required:

  • Vibrant seed beads
  • Alphabet beads
  • Stretch elastic cord*
  • Various accent beads (pearls, delicate puka shells, gold beads)
  • Painter’s tape (optional)

*Note: Verify the size of your cord to ensure it accommodates the chosen seed beads!

Beaded Grown Up Friendship Bracelets Step 1

  1. Measure your wrist size and mark it onto a piece of painter’s tape. Arrange your beads along the painter’s tape to ensure your design will fit your wrist. To prevent the beads from sliding around, consider using a shoebox lid, a ruler, or any item with a ridge. 
  2. Begin sliding your beads onto the elastic cord. This step is based on personal preference, but I prefer to leave the cord attached to the roll to avoid double knotting later. Alternatively, you can pre-cut the cord, but ensure you leave plenty of extra length to knot at the end. 
  3. Once all the beads are threaded, grasp both ends of the cord and tie them off like a water balloon. Give two quick tugs to secure the cord in place. Trim the ends, and if your beads are large enough, you can slide one over the knot to conceal it.
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Grown Up Friendship Bracelets

Grown Up Friendship Bracelets

Beaded Grown Up Friendship Bracelets 4

That’s all there is to it! It’s hard to believe these are the first bracelet DIYs on the blog, but I’m thrilled with how they turned out! They make a fantastic addition to any bracelet stack (in fact, I crafted all the bracelets featured in these photos 😉). What will your bracelet say?

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