Winter Jewelry Designs That’ll Make You Wish It Was the Holidays

island earrings

The Holiday season can’t arrive soon enough for some, bringing cozy cold weather. However, at Artful Bracelets, we’re dreaming of a Beach Christmas.

Whether eagerly awaiting Santa or snuggled under blankets anticipating the first snowfall, our classic Dune designs blend winter fashion with nostalgia for warm weather, beautifully hand inlaid in sterling silver.

Island Earrings

island earrings

Sometimes, summer sand and wintery snowflakes blend harmoniously. With the right winter jewelry piece, you can infuse a bit of summer joy into cold days.

Our Island Earrings elegantly frame your face in winter. Customize them with Cape Verde, Africa beach sand for a dark winter aesthetic with a soft touch.

Sandbar Necklace

petite sandbar necklace

Christmas evokes images of ruby reds and lush greens, bringing cheer and hope. Our Sandbar Necklace embodies these feelings, perfect for winter gatherings and versatile with any attire.

For a festive touch, consider filling it with Fenway Park’s Infield sand, exuding holiday glamour. Or opt for the festive red of Original Yankee Brick from our Sandbank™ collection.

Gold Sandglobe Necklace

gold sandglobe necklace

Carry the magic of a snow globe with you everywhere with our Gold Sandglobe Necklace, shimmering with sand memories from your favorite beach experience.

Remember your white sandy beaches adventures with Exuma, Bahamas while strolling through a winter wonderland.

Triangle Cuff Bracelet

Our Triangle Cuff Bracelet is not just a geometric marvel but also a nod to Christmas trees, a perfect stocking stuffer. Its modern appeal sparks curiosity, inviting questions about the sand’s origins from your favorite beach trip.

winter jewelry triangle cuff bracelet

If you’re eagerly awaiting the Holidays, bring a touch of beach creativity into everyday life. Whether you choose dark sands symbolizing winter’s chill or white sands representing snow, each selection captures a cherished memory.

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