Top Beaches for Surfing

Healing powers are no secret when it comes to the ocean. Even on chilly days unfit for the beach, strolling on the sand while listening to the gentle crashes can offer a sense of calming clarity. Waves, being a transfer of energy rather than just water, have the ability to traverse an entire ocean. Discover our top Beaches for the Waves, whether you seek a tranquil swim with family or chase after the perfect wave.

Mayflower Beach Dennis, ma, Cape Cod

1. Calm Waves – Mayflower Beach, Dennis, Cape Cod

For those in search of a gentle float or accompanying little ones, bayside beaches provide the most serene waves. Mayflower Beach in Cape Cod boasts a vast expanse of soft, quartzy sand, ideal for any beach excursion. While the waves here may not be suitable for surfing, they are sufficiently large to keep children entertained! As you stroll along the shore, you can catch a glimpse from the tip of P-Town to the Plymouth, MA shores in the distance.

Facing east, this beach is an ideal setting for a sunrise walk. During the summer, arriving early is recommended as the parking lot tends to fill up quickly! Additionally, Mayflower’s size undergoes significant changes with the tides. What may seem like a crowded beach at high tide transforms into a vast playground of tide pools and sand as the tide recedes. Families can transition from hopping over small waves to exploring for crabs and other sea creatures.

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2. Midi Waves – Corolla, Outer Banks, North Carolina

Offering ample waves for beginner surfers, adventurous swimmers, and thrill-seeking body surfers, the Outer Banks is a haven for wave enthusiasts. Among the miles of wavy beaches, Corolla is a favored destination on this barrier island. This beach community features numerous rental “mini-mansions” where families can spend their weeks solely devoted to the beach. Daily surf lessons are available for younger kids, and the vast expanses of sand create a sense of a private oasis at any part of the beach.

Moreover, Corolla offers more than just crabs hidden in the sand! Wild horses are known to roam the beach, grazing on sweet grass. Various tours are available to take visitors to prime locations for spotting these majestic horses. With luck, you may witness one of these horses cooling off in the waves! For a break from the gentle ocean waves, the Currituck Light House is situated nearby on the bayside of the island, offering panoramic views of the Outer Banks.

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Hang 10 Waves - Rincon Parkway, Carpenteria, California

3. Hang 10 Waves – Rincon Parkway, Carpenteria, California

Undoubtedly, the best surfing on the mainland can be found along the West Coast. Rincon Parkway Beach, situated along the Pacific Coast Highway, is affectionately known as “The Queen of the Coast” among the surfing community. The Pacific Ocean at this spot is not as welcoming for those seeking a leisurely swim. Even in summer, water temperatures barely reach 60 degrees. But for those eager to don a wet suit and Hang 10, Rincon Parkway Beach is the ultimate destination.

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Even if you opt not to take on the waters, the Sunset Coast is renowned for its romantic sunsets ideal for beachside strolls. If you spot a crowd along the 101, make sure to pull over – chances are there’s a seasoned pro-surfer catching an amazing wave. Additionally, located just over the mountainside are world-class wineries where you can unwind after the waves have given you an exhilarating ride!

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