Our Favorite Jewelry: An Artfulbracelets 2017 Retrospective

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Each piece crafted by Artful Bracelets holds a unique significance, embodying fleeting moments, unforgettable memories, and beloved locations within our community. Our goal is to design pieces as exceptional as the experiences they symbolize.

Throughout the year 2017, our devoted design team dedicated themselves to perfecting some of our most treasured collections.

Take a stroll down memory lane with some highlights from our 2017 jewelry selections:

Horizon Collection

The Horizon Collection draws inspiration from the tranquil moment of gazing across an endless ocean, where the sky meets the water in a near-perfect horizon. Capture your achievements within this piece, combined with sand from a dream getaway, serving as a reminder that chasing your own horizons can make anything achievable.

our Favorite Jewelry the horizon collection

Wave Collection

Close your eyes and let the memories of waves crashing against the shore flood back. The Wave Collection aims to replicate these moments, day after day, with intricately designed sterling silver waves filled with sands from your special places.

our Favorite Jewelry the wave collection

Sandbar Collection

Imagine the tranquility of being on your personal sandbar, surrounded by azure water. The Sandbar Collection mirrors this calmness in its simple yet sophisticated pieces that stand out on their own.

our Favorite Jewelry the sandbar collection

Island Collection

The Island Collection is a community favorite that stands out for design and sentiment. Featuring a silver “island” encompassed by sands from your cherished destinations, these pieces speak volumes about your style and dearest memories, celebrating your individuality in unique island settings.

famous beaches island necklace

Like the ocean’s steady flow, creativity courses through Artful Bracelets. Stay informed about our latest designs by subscribing to our newsletter!

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