A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver stands out as a stunning and adaptable precious metal. Its cool neutral hue complements a wide range of styles, making it a versatile choice for any outfit, be it professional, casual, or formal.

Unlike silver plating, sterling silver maintains its integrity over time as it consists of over 90% pure silver combined with alloys, typically copper, for added durability. While silver in its pure form is challenging to work with, sterling silver is a more manageable option due to the addition of copper and/or steel in crafting jewelry.

sterling silver jewelry sea fan necklace

It’s crucial to avoid exposing silver jewelry to water, as continuous wear helps prevent tarnishing and darkening. Despite its propensity to tarnish, silver is inherently soft. This softness makes sterling silver an excellent choice for intricate handmade jewelry like the Sterling Sea Fan Pendant Necklace. This vintage-style piece features intricate details with a sizable setting for customizable sand, showcasing how sterling silver, though soft, is reinforced by alloys for structural integrity.

sterling silver jewelry

Dainty handmade bracelets like the Triple Sandglobe Bracelet complement sterling silver well due to its flexibility, allowing for size adjustments even after crafting. With the option to include up to three different sands of your choice, the sterling silver setting harmonizes with any color palette. Sterling silver bracelets serve as a trendy addition to any ensemble, also proving suitable for earrings.

sterling silver jewelry

Sterling silver serves as an ideal base for earrings where the metal takes a back seat to emphasize the stone, such as the Teardrop Leverback Earrings. These earrings elevate the elegance of any ensemble and pair gracefully with sterling silver pieces as well as fashion jewelry.

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At Artful Bracelets, we utilize .925 pure sterling silver, ensuring that your unique handmade jewelry comprises top-notch materials. The gleaming finish of pure sterling silver evokes memories of nighttime beach strolls, making it the perfect companion for jewelry incorporating your favorite sands.

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