Making Love Last a Lifetime: Handcrafted Keepsakes With Artfulbracelets

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Venturing into the realm of online dating in 2017 were two young singles, embarking on an unknown journey that would unfold beautifully.

Over dinner, my now-husband and I bonded over our mutual love for Boston sports, comedy shows, and animals. Little did we know that our paths had likely crossed previously, on R St and T St during a Fourth of July at Nantasket Beach.

Our shared interests blossomed as we embarked on our first getaway to Grace Bay Beach. It was during this trip that I chanced upon Artful Bracelets in a local store. Intrigued by their custom jewelry, I acquired the Wave Bypass Ring which held sand from both Nantasket Beach and Grace Bay Beach, two cherished locations.

Hand holding a mug with the person wearing Artful Bracelets's Wave Bypass Ring, crafted with sterling silver and two distinct elements.

Nearly five years later, during a visit to Las Vegas, after possessing the engagement ring for almost a year, he proposed, asking for my hand in marriage.

Amidst wedding preparations, I felt compelled to mark the occasion with a lasting token. Opting for an ornament, I instantly knew the perfect choice was Artful Bracelets’s engravable Heart Ornament… #addtocart!

Bride and groom holding hands on grass, walking away from the camera.
Photography by @keleighmichellephoto
Close-up of the wedding bouquet held upside down in the bride's hand.
Photography by @keleighmichellephoto

After the initial attempt with flowers from my bouquet fell through, Jessica and the Dune team promptly suggested a new plan: incorporating the lace from my gown! This felt like the perfect decision.

syos handcrafted heart ornament wedding lace and charoite img 0330 copy 1100x1303 1

With guidance from Dune’s team, I crafted a unique keepsake using my wedding lace and colors. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece that my husband and I will cherish for years to come.

Close-up of Dune's custom engraved heart ornament featuring lace from the bride's dress, hung on a Christmas tree.

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