Grandma’s Love: Captured Forever With The Cardinal Necklace

The author, Jami, who has red hair, is placing the gold cardinal necklace on her grandmother's neck while the smile at each other.

During my childhood, my grandmother, a dedicated homemaker, assumed primary care responsibilities for me when my parents were preoccupied with work and social engagements.

The close bond between my grandmother and me flourished from spending ample time together. She awaited my return from school daily, ready with snacks as I stepped off the bus, and dedicated afternoons to assist me with homework.

At the age of 20, I introduced a puppy named Mack into our family, creating a deeper connection. With my busy schedule, my grandmother lovingly cared for Mack, pampering him with treats and quirks like sharing meals at the table.

As Mack aged, requiring more attention, my 86-year-old grandmother willingly assumed the responsibility of looking after him while I worked, deepening their already strong bond.

Initially hesitant about burdening an elderly individual with pet care, I observed how caring for Mack rejuvenated my grandmother, providing her with purpose and renewed physical activity.

When Mack fell ill with a terminal disease, my grandmother’s unwavering love for him shone brighter than ever, profoundly touching my heart.

Upon Mack’s departure, I acknowledged the need to honor my grandmother’s love and support, which led me to the perfect token of appreciation: the exquisitegold cardinal necklace from Dune, personalized with sand from our hometown, Plattsburgh, NY.

Close-up of Artful Bracelets's 14k Gold Vermeil Cardinal Necklace on the author's grandmother's neck. She is wearing a blue and white sweater.

Known as messengers from heaven, cardinals hold a special place in my grandmother’s heart. The necklace symbolizes Mack’s everlasting presence. Witnessing her reaction upon receiving this heartfelt gift was truly moving, radiating Mack’s warmth and love.

The author, Jami, who has red hair, is placing the gold cardinal necklace on her grandmother's neck while they smile at each other.

The author, Jami, and her grandmother both look into the camera, smiling as her grandmother adorns her new gold cardinal necklace with beach sand.

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