Creating Jewelry with Concert and Super Bowl Confetti: Taylor Swift Edition

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Discover how this devoted Taylor Swift fan transformed her unforgettable experiences at the Eras Tour concert and Super Bowl championship into personalized jewelry with the help of Artfulbracelets. 

From attending numerous Taylor Swift concerts throughout her life to witnessing historic moments in football at Arrowhead Stadium alongside her family, each memory became a cherished treasure. 

Her creative imagination led her to collect confetti at both events as a tangible keepsake. With the help of Artfulbracelets, she was able to preserve the magic of these moments by transforming them into personalized jewelry designs. 

Join us as we delve into her captivating confetti-filled story…

Taylor, the Eras Tour And The Unforgettable Search for Confetti

I have been a “Swiftie” before the word “Swiftie” was even a thing. When I first heard Taylor Swift on the radio singing about the way her blue eyes shined, I was hooked.

I first attended the Fearless tour with my mom. We went on to attend most of her other tours over the years together alongside my sister Ashley.

Alyssa and her sister at Arrowhead Stadium for Taylor's Swift Era's tour concert.

On July 8, 2023, my sister and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the Eras Tour at Arrowhead Stadium in Kanas City, MO. It was the weekend of the Speak Now, Taylor’s Version release so everything was purple, which also happens to be my favorite color.

We managed to get floor seats and had the best night together. It was unreal to be so close to Taylor and we were blown away by her talent and loved the entire positive atmosphere of women trading friendship bracelets throughout the night.

Confetti flying in the air, lights, and the concert stage at the Eras Tour.

At the end of the concert, we luckily found some confetti stuck on the bottom of the floor as we were walking out. We grabbed mostly pink and were so excited to have another tangible memory from our incredible night. 

Two Worlds Colliding: Taylor And Travis Get Together

I grew up in Missouri and even though I now live in Florida, I grew up as a Kansas City Chiefs fan and my brother Andrew is a Season Ticket Member for the Chiefs. We loved seeing Taylor at Arrowhead Stadium since we normally are there for football games and it was a familiar place for us.

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We later found out that the same night we attended the Eras Tour, Travis Kelce was also attending and that’s the night he tried to give Taylor a friendship bracelet with his number on it.

When they started publicly dating and she started showing up at Chiefs games at Arrowhead, my two worlds completely collided. I had followed Travis Kelce and his New Heights podcast and felt like she was dating an old familiar friend. The season had many highs and lows and I loved seeing her at all the games. 

A Super Bowl Surprise

After the Chiefs made it to the Super Bowl, I started planning a Super Bowl party as I’ve done for the past few years. 

And then, by some pure magic, I got offered two tickets to the Super Bowl at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas! We had only a 2-days notice to get out there so my husband and I quickly scrambled to make it happen.

Since my brother is a lifelong Chiefs fan and Season Ticket Member, my husband Matt truly became Husband / Brother-in-Law of the Year when he told me that, as much as he’d love to go, he knew it would mean so much more to my brother and that I should take him instead.

Matt still traveled with us to Las Vegas for all the pre-game events but went to a watch party at the hotel while we went to Allegiant Stadium. 

Alyssa, Matt, and Andrew at the Super Bowl.

Attending the Super Bowl was a completely surreal experience. We felt so fortunate to be there. Just to be at a Super Bowl, let alone a Super Bowl with your team, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was completely overwhelming.

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When we walked into the stadium for the first time and walked down to our seats, we were losing our minds.

Seeing the Chiefs players on the field and knowing what we were about to witness and that millions of people around the world would be watching, was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

I had chills down my arms and tears in my eyes the entire time. And then to be able to have my brother next to me was so special. We even saw Taylor Swift across the stadium from us in her suite! 

The Chiefs Take Home A Victory

The 4th quarter and Overtime were a bit of a blur – we were so stressed and nervous! And then… Patrick Mahomes throws a pass, Mecole Hardman catches it in the end zone, and touch down! GAME OVER!

Walk off Touch Down in the Super Bowl! Final score 25-22.

Colorful Super Bowl victory confetti in the air.

Everyone started running out onto the field, confetti cannons started blasting around the entire stadium, Chiefs and the Lombardi Trophy were pictured on the scoreboards, we screamed, we yelled, we were jumping up and down, I grabbed Andrew’s arm, we couldn’t believe it!

For the game to just end so quickly was so crazy! I’ve never felt so much joy instantly like that!

The confetti was just raining down on the field and I grabbed Andrew and made sure we took some photos! Confetti started floating over to us but just a few pieces so I knew from my Taylor Swift concert days that you had to grab it quick!

I walked down the aisle and grabbed each piece that I saw. I wish I would have taken more but I ended up with 8 red, 4 yellow, and 3 white. 

Capturing Memories With Artfulbracelets

I was on a complete high after I got home and still couldn’t believe I was there to witness it all. I was so grateful and knew I’d forever be trying to remember that day and preserve the memories.

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A few days after the Super Bowl, I remembered seeing a funny post on Instagram from Artful Bracelets that they had made a few weeks prior. The post suggested Taylor should make some Artfulbracelets jewelry with confetti from her concert or grass from the football field.

Handcrafting the Super Bowl confetti Sandrop Earrings by Artful Bracelets.
Handcrafting shot of the Large Sandrop Earrings.

I had first discovered Artfulbracelets last year when I was on a Southern Caribbean cruise and bought some pieces with sand in Antigua and Barbados. I fell in love with the company and how unique and special their jewelry is.

I wondered if it would be possible to turn my confetti from the Eras Tour and the Super Bowl into jewelry, so I reached out to the Artfulbracelets team. I instantly received an enthusiastic response with ideas on how to turn my confetti into beautiful personalized jewelry.

I got so excited at the prospect of being able to wear my confetti rather than just keeping it in a drawer somewhere.

The Artful Bracelets team was able to make me a beautiful bracelet using the pink Taylor Swift confetti combined with purple beads to represent the Speak Now release weekend.

Purple bracelet with pink confetti
Round Beaded Bracelet in Frosted Amethyst with pink Taylor Swift Eras Tour confetti.

I had enough Super Bowl confetti that I was able to make earrings for myself as well as for members of my family and a very special friend. I knew they would all love to have a piece of the Super Bowl with them during future Chiefs games, too.

I was blown away with how they turned out. MySandrop Earrings are a work of art and I am amazed every time I look at them.

Bright orange and yellow confetti made into Sandrop earrings.
Sandrop Earrings with Chiefs Super Bowl Confetti.

Thanks to the creative team at Artful Bracelets, I’ve been able to transform tangible mementos like confetti into wearable treasures, preserving the magic of these moments in stunning pieces of personalized jewelry.

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