All About Abalone: The Perfect Choice For Your Next Design

Product shot of wrist wearing three of Dune Jewelry's Abalone Gradient designs, including the Bayview Cuff Bracelet.

Imagine yourself on a sunny beach, with the salty breeze flowing through your hair and the beautiful colors of the ocean and sun blending together like a kaleidoscope.

Visualize all these ethereal elements captured in one magnificent shell—abalone. At Dune, we offer a variety of abalone jewelry designs, each uniquely iridescent.

Abalone is not only a stunning shell but also carries cultural and spiritual significance. Let’s delve into it.

Product shot of wrist wearing three of Artful Bracelets's Abalone Gradient designs, including the Bayview Cuff Bracelet.
The Marina Bracelet and Bayview Cuff Bracelet in sterling silver.

History And Origins of Abalone

Abalone, cherished by Native American tribes like the Chumash and the Ohlone, carries deep-rooted significance spanning centuries. Its importance is evident in archaeological discoveries from South Africa’s Blombos Cave to ancient Chinese deposits on California’s Northern Channel Islands.

Fun Fact: There are at least 56 varieties of abalone shells worldwide.

Metaphysical Properties: Symbolism of the Sea

Abalone, known as “sea opal” or “mermaid’s treasure,” holds rich cultural significance across various civilizations. It is believed to carry the energy of the ocean, offering protection and strength to wearers.

In Native American folklore, abalone symbolizes prosperity, while in Maori tradition, it represents peace, fertility, and the interconnectedness of all living beings. This large shell is also used for smudging, or burning herbs for sacred ceremonies, in Native American culture.

Its symbolism extends to enhancing intuition, promoting emotional healing, and fostering a deep connection to the sea. As a heart stone, abalone encourages love, harmony, and balance, inviting wearers to explore their emotions with courage and compassion.

Product shot of the Abalone Gradient Marina bracelet in gold, and other bracelets.
Our Marina Bracelet in Gold with an Abalone Gradient.

The iridescent surface of this shell reflects the ever-changing nature of life, reminding us to embrace transformation.

From the majestic red abalone off California’s coast to the captivating multicolor variety, each shell tells a tale of endurance and survival under life’s forceful waves.

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All this symbolism inspires the personalized designs we create at Artful Bracelets.

Incorporating It Into Your Favorite Dune Design

At Dune, we adore crafting designs using Abalone Shell, and almost every one of our Sand Artists agrees that Abalone is a must-have for your next design. With Abalone, the larger the setting or design, the more stunning the iridescence.

We suggest:The Marina Necklace,The Bayview Cuff Bracelet, or theSterling Travel Tag to showcase Abalone’s opalescence. If you want to pair Abalone with another Element, our Abalone Gradient jewelry allows you to select your own element using our Signature handcrafting technique.

Product shot of Artful Bracelets's sterling silver large chain The Mediterranean Necklace with Abalone Shell Gradient.
The Mediterranean Necklace with Abalone Shell Gradient.

Discover Your Piece of the Ocean

Embrace the magic of abalone and explore our collection of customizable designs at Artful Bracelets. Each piece, from beach sand pendants to coastal cuff bracelets, provides a canvas for your unique story infused with the luminous energy of the abalone shell.

Plunge into the depths and let the sea guide you as you adorn yourself with ocean treasures.

How to Wear And Care for Abalone

Abalone jewelry should be kept away from direct sunlight and cleaned with warm water and our non-toxic Foaming Jewelry Cleaner. It complements both casual outfits and elegant dresses—it truly pairs with anything.

Ready to get your own design featuring this stunning shell?Shop Artful Bracelets.

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