Top Romantic Locations for your Honeymoon

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Undecided on the paradise to visit post-“I do”? Check out our top recommendations and discover where to get Dune, to carry your memories and honeymoon spot with you always.

1. Palm Beach, Aruba – Kristie’s

palm beach aruba best spot to honeymoon

Palm Beach in Aruba, with its two miles of pristine white sands, offers the perfect retreat for any couple. Whether you prefer relaxing in a resort beach chair or seeking more active adventures as newlyweds, this spot has it all. Indulge in a barefoot candle-lit dinner under a mesmerizing tangerine sunset at one of the delightful beachside restaurants. The tranquil waters of Palm Beach are ideal for swimmers and snorkelers looking to immerse in the tropical marine world.

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Among the bustling nightlife in Palm Beach, you’ll find two prominent shopping malls. Adjacent to Copacabana Casino lies Kristie’s Jewels, an Artful Bracelets retailer we adore. Ravi, the owner, enjoys blending the white sands of Palm Beach with crushed Turquoise to mirror the ocean’s hues. Commemorate your Aruba Honeymoon with their coveted Bubbles Necklace featuring Crushed Conch Shell, Turquoise, and Palm Beach Sand.

2. Big Island, Hawaii – Mary Jane’s

big island hawaii romantic honeymoon 1

Hawaii stands out as a haven for beach weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, and any occasion to explore the enchanting Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Legend has it, once you set foot in Hawaii, your heart forever holds a piece of its magic. From lounging on pristine beaches to wandering through Pineapple fields or hiking in lush rainforests, Hawaii offers a plethora of activities. Venture to one of the two active volcanoes for a unique experience. Beneath the Mauna Kea Volcano lies the charming town of Waimea, a cultural hub bursting with fresh cuisine, vibrant traditions, and lively dance scenes.

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Explore the captivating Kohala Golden coast then visit Mary Jane’s. With two locations on the Big Island, Mary Jane’s offers an array of clothing, accessories, and Artful Bracelets. Among their treasures is the Classic Wave Stationary Necklace, adorned with a Mother of Pearl gradient blending into the signature shells from Kohala’s Golden Coast. Take home a memento of your Honeymoon and leave a piece of your heart in this paradise.

3. Marathon Key, Florida Keys – Bayshore Clothing

marathon key florida keys most romantic honeymoon trip

The Florida Keys rank high as a preferred romantic destination for sea lovers (and seafood enthusiasts!). Rent a vintage convertible and traverse the stunning archipelago. Dive into the depths to explore a mysterious shipwreck near Key West or indulge in a dolphin encounter! In the Keys, you’ll savor the essence of ocean life without missing out on the vibrant dining scene. Unwind with deep-sea fishing or relish a beachfront dining experience at one of the many seaside eateries.

800 cape cod boho ring wave bypass ring

Before a romantic sunset stroll, visit Bayshore Clothing, a haven for unique gifts from the Florida Keys. This family-run boutique on Marathon Key has weathered storms and basked in sunshine for years. Their signature Dune creation, the Boho Stack Ring, personalizes the classic design with vivid red coral, turquoise, and the granular sands of Marathon Key. Collect a keepsake from your Honeymoon and leave a fragment of your heart in this serene setting.

Discover exclusive Artful Bracelets in numerous charming vacation boutiques near your honeymoon destination.

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