Symbolism of turtle

In various cultures worldwide, turtles are utilized as symbols. Known for being comfortable on both land and sea, turtles famously carry their homes on their backs as they journey around the world. Some sea turtles travel extensive distances, with some covering up to 10,000 miles every year as they traverse oceans. While distinct types of sea turtles are indigenous to various regions, they all partake in remarkable migrations. Hence, it is no surprise that diverse cultures worldwide are acquainted with these captivating creatures and have attributed their unique interpretations to them.

Turtle – spiritual meaning

Turtles have been depicted in ancient cave carvings in China and Greek mythology. They are featured in the coats of arms of Germany, Spain, and Lithuania. However, one of their most renowned symbolic roles is in North America.

Turtle in mythology

Turtles are associated with longevity due to their exceptionally long lifespan, reaching up to 100 years. They symbolize longevity in Japanese, Native Hawaiian, and Polynesian cultures. In Taiwan, turtle-shaped cakes are baked during festivals to honor ancestors. The Mayan culture held turtles in high regard, with the turtle’s shell representing the Earth in Mayan symbolism, similar to native cultures further north. African folklore commonly portrays the turtle as a clever and mischievous trickster, with turtles and tortoises appearing in numerous Nigerian legends.

Every culture interprets animals uniquely, incorporating their behaviors into legends and using them to symbolize significant concepts. Individual interpretations of animals, particularly in dreams, vary based on personal understanding. Dreaming of a turtle could indicate a desire to withdraw, slow down, establish boundaries, and prioritize self-care. Alternatively, it could suggest a feeling of isolation or a need to care for the planet, symbolized by the turtle representing the Earth.

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