Let Your Inner Beauty Bloom With Artfulbracelets’s Spring Flower Jewelry

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As winter’s chill slowly fades, a new era of pastel and vibrant landscapes emerges. The aromatic essence of blooming flowers fills the air, signaling the arrival of spring.

Embrace this season of growth and rejuvenation by adorning yourself with our exquisite spring flower jewelry collection. Personalized rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets featuring your favorite flower await.

Discover the array of spring blooms available in our sand and element bank to find the perfect complement for this new phase of life. To learn more about selecting Sandbank flowers based on your birth flower, read our blog on birth month flower jewelry.

Product shot of birth month flower or spring flower jewelry surrounded by one orange and one magenta tulip and green leaves.

Explore Our Spring Flowers

Our Sandbank not only contains beach sand and therapeutic stones from 5,500 locations worldwide but also showcases petals of over 20 different flowers, each with its distinct beauty perfect for spring jewelry. Additionally, you can even submit petals from your favorite flowers.


Close-up shot of yellow daffodil flowers

Radiating freshness and symbolizing new beginnings and rejuvenation, our daffodil petal jewelry is a perfect choice for those seeking to embrace the season’s energy. Daffodils also stand for creativity, inspiration, and forgiveness, with March being their associated birth month.


Close-up shot of white, yellow, and purple violet flower petals.

Violets, known for their beauty and captivating aroma, symbolize loyalty, devotion, and enlightenment. Jewelry featuring violet petals exudes elegance and grace, making it a timeless addition to any spring attire. February marks the birth month associated with violets.

Product shot of spring flower jewelry, specifically the Serenity Cuff Bracelet with mother of pearl shell and violet flower petals
Serenity Cuff Bracelet with Mother of Pearl and Violet flower petals.


Close-up shot of bright pink daisy flowers.

Infusing gentleness and joy, daisies are perfect for those seeking a positive start to the year.

The meaning of this flower varies with its color. White, for example, represents purity and innocence, while pink embodies admiration and gratitude.

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Purity and innocence are the references of daisies, while love and romance are alluded to by pink daisies, and friendship and joy are symbolized by yellow daisies.

Adding a playful and whimsical touch to any look are designs with daisy flower petals, suitable for any occasion. The birth month associated with daisies is April.


Close-up shot of bright pastel blue hydrangea flower petals.

Renowned for their lush blooms and pastel colors, hydrangeas evoke serenity, peace, and gratitude. The colors of hydrangeas can vary based on the acidity of the soil they grow in. Higher acidity leads to pinks and reds, while lower acidity results in beautiful blues and purples. Our hydrangea elements come in blue and pinkish-white tones, each adding subtle sophistication and understated beauty to your outfits.

August is the birth month associated with hydrangeas.


Close-up shot of blue forget-me-not flower petals.

Embodying the timeless sentiment of true love and fidelity, jewelry made with this flower offers an eternal promise to always cherish and remember the special bond shared with a loved one. Add to any spring jewelry design to showcase or invoke a blossoming relationship.

Forget-me-nots, along with asters and morning glories, are associated with the birth month of September.

Product shot modeled on hand of the round boho ring with forget-me-not flower petals in bezel.
Boho Ring with Forget-Me-Not flower petals


Close-up shot of bright medium and dark orange zinnia flower petals.

Symbolizing endurance, kindness, and friendship, zinnias are known for their varied and striking appearance. If you’re seeking to close a negative chapter and open a new one, adding zinnias to your spring jewelry design can be ideal.

Add a pop of color and personality to any look with zinnias, making a statement. While not directly tied to a birth month, zinnias can be excellent substitutes for asters, chrysanthemums, and daisies for those born in September, April, and November, respectively, due to their similar symbolism.

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Close-up shot of pastel pink coral bougainvillea flower petals for spring flower jewelry.

Symbolizing passion, confidence, spiritual connection, and protection, bougainvilleas embody vibrant colors and adaptability. This…

The delicate yet resilient flower never goes out of style.

This “paper flower” holds properties that most closely resemble the rose, the birth flower for those born in June, although it isn’t associated with a specific birth month.

Start The Season In Style

Carry the energy of a new season wherever you go. Meticulously crafted, each piece of personalized jewelry from our collection showcases the delicate beauty of spring flowers.

To embrace your inner beauty and bloom from the inside out, find other spring, summer, and autumn flowers as well as stones, sands, and unique earth elements to add to your personalized design by exploring our Sandbank & elements.

Product shot of 12 different birth month flower petals and jewelry featuring them.

Marina Necklace with spring flower petals
Marina Necklace

You can also send in flowers from a wedding, anniversary, or other special occasion, or even straight from your garden!

Share your jewelry designs featuring beautiful spring flowers on social media and tag @Artfulbracelets for us to see.

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