Dating Apps vs. Real Life: The Verdict is In!

Dating Apps vs. Real Life: The Verdict is In!

Today, if you’re in the dating pool, you’ve likely swiped right (or left) at least once in your quest for a romantic connection. T-Shirtmeng has been a witness to all the dating trends over the years, from the traditional courting style of the 1920s to the digital dating culture of the 2020s.

Our research unveiled insights from a survey of 1,000 singles looking to find their better half.


For 67% of respondents, using a dating app is not unfamiliar. Tinder is the top choice among singles, followed by Plenty of Fish and Bumble.

Interestingly, over half of the participants (52%) believe that singles are more inclined towards meeting a potential partner in real life rather than through apps.

According to more than 68% of respondents, dishonesty on dating apps is identified as the major challenge in the dating scene in 2023.

For 40% of the surveyed individuals, transitioning from online conversations to actual dates proves to be a challenge.

Despite this, 60% of singles express their efforts to meet potential partners in real life, often through friends or acquaintances.


The dating scene in 2023 presents a dilemma: should one engage in IRL meetups or resort to dating apps? The survey implies a dual approach.

While a majority of our respondents have met potential partners using dating apps, more than half still aspire to meet someone in real life.

The reality of dating in 2023 aligns closely with the sentiments of the classic 1998 rom-com “You’ve Got Mail”: individuals often adopt a multi-faceted strategy to secure their perfect match, sans the AOL dial-up of the past era.

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Dating apps are abundant with names ranging from cute to spicy, such as Match, Plenty of Fish, Grindr, HER, Coffee Meets Bagel, and OKCupid. Despite over 67% of singles confessing app usage, 45% of them rate their experience at 5 or below, with 1 being dreadful and 10 being excellent.

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Given this, why do people still opt for dating apps? Convenience, partner accessibility, a broader pool of potential matches, and the success stories of 54% of app users finding a partner or relationship play a crucial role. Additional motivators include tailored dating preferences, efficiency in matching, and comfort in the virtual approach compared to in-person encounters.


Despite the omnipresence of dating apps, singles haven’t entirely abandoned the idea of meeting potential partners in real life. 60% of them aim to do so through mutual connections, while 23% explore opportunities at social gatherings.

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What inhibits individuals from engaging in face-to-face meetings? Fear of rejection hampers men, while women tend to experience general anxiety about real-life dating situations.

Interestingly, deception isn’t confined to dating apps. More than 75% of participants encountered instances of dishonesty both online and in real-life dating scenarios.


While love at first sight or swipe isn’t guaranteed, the desire for love, connections, intimacy, security, and romance remains universal. Survey results indicate that 51% of respondents believe that both real-life interactions and online apps offer a similar variety of potential partners. Despite nearly half of participants expressing a negative shift in dating attitudes over the past five years, optimism continues to prevail!

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