What’s a Power Stone? | Gemstone Power Meanings

endless summer necklace with gemstone

Looking to enrich your jewelry collection with both color and significance? By selecting a power stone, you can embrace the innate power and allure of authentic gemstones sourced ethically from various corners of the globe, as well as harness their unique qualities that can enrich your life’s path.

At Artful Bracelets, we meticulously crush natural genuine gemstones to enhance their power and beauty. Delve deeper into the meanings of gemstones and our power stones. Customize our multi-setting designs with power stones, such as the Endless Summer Necklace, to infuse your style with a burst of color, inspiration, and significance.

endless summer necklace with gemstone 1
Endless Summer Necklace handcrafted with Charoite, Amethyst, Pink Tourmaline, and Rhodochrosite

Turquoise Gemstone – Healing | Enlightenment | Success

Turquoise, with its serene blue-green hue, embodies qualities like friendship-building and career advancement. When journeying, Turquoise Gems are believed to safeguard the wearer from mishaps, theft, and misfortunes.

Our top-selling Power Stone, genuine high-quality Turquoise Gemstones are responsibly sourced from Arizona, U.S.A. Our skilled artisans take pleasure in crafting this gemstone in our signature Turquoise Gradient designs, symbolizing the merging of water and sandy shores.

genuine turquoise gemstone jewelry handcrafted with sand
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Aquamarine Gemstone – Courage | Serenity | Clarity

In ancient lore, Aquamarine was a protective charm for seafarers. The soft blue hues of this gem symbolize the courage to navigate life’s turbulent waters. Incorporate our crushed Aquamarine Gemstone into your design for a touch of tranquility, or explore Camille Kostek’s popular collection featuring raw Aquamarine designs that put this aquatic gemstone in the spotlight.

aquamarine jewelry camille kostek
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Moonstone Gemstone – Femininity | Intuition | Sensitivity

Moonstone, resembling moonlight on water, emanates a mystical blue glow within its milky white appearance. This alluring talisman of feminine energy and intuition, known as the stone of inner vision, serves as a source of sensitivity to guide and shield you through life’s journey. Infuse your multi-setting design with Moonstone Gemstone to accentuate earth elements and sands, or consider a larger teardrop cut with Camille Kostek’s Moonstone Ring & Necklace.

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moonstone rings camille kostek
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Apatite Gemstone – Harmony | Clarity | Peacefulness

Apatite embodies the essence of manifestation. Invite harmony, clarity, and tranquility into your life by embracing the present and envisioning a peaceful future. The deep teal hues of this natural stone facilitate meditation towards a serene tomorrow. Explore our Wave Bypass Ring featuring Apatite, paired with sand from a cherished dream vacation highlight.

apatite power stone 1100x578 1
Rings handcrafted with Apatite and other Earth Elements

Amazonite Gemstone – Hope | Integrity | Communication

Known for its striking blue-green hue, Amazonite reflects the energy of its namesake river. It not only boosts communication abilities but also enhances the capacity to understand others’ perspectives. This captivating stone also reduces stress and promotes good luck.

Larimar Stone – The Sea to Our Sand

Larimar, a rare gemstone, features waves of blue, teal, seafoam, and white with each stone being unique in its pattern and coloring.

larimar bracelet boho ring
Discover our Larimar Jewelry Collection

Amethyst Gemstone – Healing | Peace | Positive Energy

Amethyst, a protective stone with stunning purple hues, helps diminish stress and anxiety. It is associated with the Crown Chakra, offering peace and positive energy by calming the mind.

Healing properties are offered for the lower back and kidneys, in addition to addressing emotional trauma.

Wisdom, Protection, Creativity: Malachite Gemstone

Malachite possesses a mesmerizing rich green hue with profound protective abilities. It is said to absorb negative energies from the wearer and their surroundings, making it an ideal stone for travelers due to its protective qualities and ability to alleviate jet lag.

malachine powerstone 1100x578 1
Luxe Dune Bar Earrings handcrafted with Malachite

Empathy, Kindness, Friendship: Peridot Gemstone

The beautiful bright yellow-green color of Peridot reflects the natural beauty and its impact on the wearer. It is known for regulating and balancing various life cycles and helping in personal growth by removing mental barriers and negative patterns.

Confidence, Luck, Vitality: Pyrite Gemstone

Despite being called “Fool’s Gold,” Pyrite serves as a protective amulet against harm and emotional threats like manipulation or control. It also aids in enhancing creativity across different domains.

Clarity, Luck, Prosperity: Tiger Eye Gemstone

Tiger Eye, with its warm golden brown tones, is linked to increased luck and fortune. Business individuals can benefit from its ability to enhance cash flow, while also boosting willpower and energy levels.

Focus, Clairvoyance, Release: Obsidian Protection Stone

Obsidian, a natural glass formed from molten lava, aids in releasing physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages, fostering clairvoyance and focus for personal growth. Infuse your wardrobe with protection by personalizing your next Artful Bracelets design with obsidian.

If you’ve found a power stone meaning you’d like to incorporate into your next design, explore all the available options.

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