Throwback Trends: Engagement Rings of the 1990s

Engagement Ring Trends from the 1990s

Engagement Ring Trends From the 1990s

The 1990s was a significant era, both for the United States and globally. It marked a time when the West emerged victorious from the Cold War, embraced the Internet, and confronted issues of racial justice. Despite some unsettling events, the ’90s generally epitomized optimism and innovation.

From a fashion perspective, the ’90s were more relaxed compared to the ’80s. Gone were the days of big hair, shoulder pads, and trench coats. Instead, young trendsetters opted for simple styles, dyed hair, and tracksuits.

Jewelry Trends

Similarly, there were notable shifts in jewelry trends. The elaborate designs of the ’80s fell out of favor. The ’90s is often referred to as the second Art Deco period, due to the resurgence of clean lines and simplistic styles reminiscent of the 1930s. Both white gold and platinum regained popularity, much more so than during the ’80s.

Let’s delve deeper into ’90s trends:

  • Grunge and Minimalist styles created a laid-back vibe. The grunge aesthetic, being very carefree and even messy, didn’t mix with overly intricate engagement rings.
  • White gold and platinum bands became fashionable. While the ’80s favored showy yellow gold, the ’90s’ understated vibe leaned towards metals that would accentuate the diamond rather than overshadow it.
  • Marquise cut diamonds shone bright. While fancy shapes were generally popular, the marquise cut was a standout. Its two-point shape made it appear larger for its carat weight.
  • Large solitaire stones were in vogue. Fancy shapes like the marquise became popular as they offered more value. Though round brilliant stones were still common, a significant round brilliant stone was costly. Opting for a fancy cut helped people get more bang for their buck.
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Today, many ’90s fashion trends have made a comeback, especially in the realm of engagement rings. This revival includes ripped jeans, flare hems, and significant solitaire stones. Even some three-stone engagement ring designs are making a return.

1990s Inspired Engagement Rings from Artful Bracelets

At Artful Bracelets, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality options at affordable prices. Our collection of white gold engagement rings will bring back memories of this optimistic decade.

Petite Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring

Petite Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring

This platinum ring is the epitome of 1990s Minimalist style. Featuring a knife edge setting, it channels both the grunge and Art Deco movements with its clean lines. Choose a modest-sized stone for a subtle look or make a bold statement with a larger rock. Available in various diamond shapes to match your budget and style preferences.

Four Points Diamond Engagement Ring

Four Points Diamond Engagement Ring

Marquise enthusiasts will love this platinum engagement ring that features a marquise diamond. For an even stronger ’90s vibe, consider a larger stone if your budget allows. Unlike Minimalist designs, this ring has a more preppy look with Milgrain and diamond bands, but the large center stone remains the focal point. Available in any gold color upon request.

Petite Baguette Solitaire Engagement Ring

Petite Baguette Solitaire Engagement Ring

This ring, featuring a large center stone paired with smaller baguette diamonds on the shank, is reminiscent of the ’90s. Baguette diamonds, popular with celebrities of that era, often adorned engagement rings, sometimes even lining the entire shank. Baguette cuts also harken back to the Art Deco period. Though we’ve chosen a version with a brilliant round diamond, other options are available. This ring offers understated elegance without being overly simplistic.

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Something Blue Iris Three Stone Engagement Ring

Something Blue Iris Three Stone Engagement Ring

Three-stone rings gained popularity in the late ’90s. This particular ring stays true to the trend with petite side stones, keeping the design elegant and manageable. What sets it apart are the sapphire side stones, adding a touch of color. This option is available in white gold, making it a standout piece.

Final thoughts

The 1990s were an era of optimism, marked by a distinct departure from the extravagances of the 1980s. This transition led to simpler fashion choices, including jewelry. Engagement rings from this period often featured platinum or white gold settings with minimalist designs, where a large center stone was the undisputed highlight.


When did large solitaire stones become popular in engagement rings?

Large solitaire stones began gaining popularity towards the end of the 1980s, but they truly soared in the 1990s.

How can you identify an Art Deco ring?

Art Deco rings are characterized by clean lines and geometric shapes. Examples include baguette diamonds accenting the central stone or small colored stones providing contrast.

Are minimal-style engagement rings still trending?

Minimalist engagement rings, which went out of style for a while, have made a comeback. However, the current trend is slightly less minimalist compared to the ’90s originals.

Which engagement ring style was most popular in the 1990s?

Large diamond solitaire rings were the most popular in the ’90s. These rings either featured a completely plain band or had side stones down the band, but the center stone was always the main attraction.

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