The Lowdown on Megan Fox’s Sparkling Engagement Ring

Megan Foxs Engagement Ring
Celebrities often set trends in fashion, beauty, and jewelry. Megan Fox is no exception, always impressing with her choices. Her dazzling engagement ring from Machine Gun Kelly has been the topic of much admiration since their engagement was announced.

Now, let’s delve into what you really want to know: the captivating details of Megan Fox’s engagement ring and the proposal. Machine Gun Kelly proposed to Megan Fox in January 2022 in Puerto Rico, under the very tree where they first fell in love in 2020. According to Machine Gun Kelly, he “designed the custom ring with jeweler Stephen Webster to include two stones: an emerald (her birthstone) and a diamond (his birthstone), set on two magnetic bands of thorns that draw together, symbolizing two halves of the same soul forming the obscure heart that represents our love.”

Megan Fox’s custom engagement ring consists of two white gold rings that magnetically bond together. It features two pear-shaped stones totaling 6 carats: an emerald for Megan’s birthstone and a diamond representing Machine Gun Kelly’s birthstone. The merging of these stones forms an unconventional heart.

Sparklers Inspired by Megan Fox’s Engagement Ring

If Megan Fox’s engagement ring has caught your eye, take a look at these similar options from Artful Bracelets, customizable to your preferences (choose your center stone size and metal: 14k or 18k yellow, rose, white gold, or platinum):

twisting solitaire diamond ring

Twisting Solitaire Diamond Ring

This elegant setting is a sophisticated twist on the classic solitaire, with a criss-cross patterned band highlighting the pear-shaped center stone. You can choose a center stone size between 0.3 to 10 carats.

petite three stone diamond engagement ring

Petite Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

This classic three-stone ring emphasizes the central pear-shaped diamond. Its delicate band and setting style make it ideal for center diamonds of various sizes (0.25 to 10 carats), with the two accent diamonds totaling 0.20 carats. Three-stone rings are a popular choice for engagements as they symbolize the past, present, and future of your relationship.

vintage celtic knot engagement ring

Vintage Celtic Knot Engagement Ring

If vintage rings appeal to you, consider this option. The center pear-shaped stone is set in a vintage-inspired design featuring a four-claw setting with Celtic knot details along the shank and a diamond-paved petal motif on the gallery. The accent diamonds are 0.05 carats, and you can select a center stone size between 0.7 to 5 carats.

milgrain bezel diamond engagement ring

Milgrain Bezel Diamond Engagement Ring

This stunning setting features intriguing details and abundant sparkle. Its beautiful bezel-set accent diamonds are enhanced by intricate milgrain designs around each bezel. With a total of 10 bezel-set diamonds, the setting boasts 0.50 carats of accent diamonds, while you can select the metal and center stone size (0.25 to 10 carats).

twist diamond engagement ring

Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

This design features a pear-shaped diamond of your chosen carat size and metal, with petite tapering ends that create a floating illusion for the center stone, supplemented by 0.26 carats of accent diamonds.

Wrapping It Up

Each person is unique, and your engagement ring should reflect that uniqueness. Your ring should embody your style, preferences, and relationship. Celebrity engagement rings can be a fantastic source of inspiration, but it’s essential to make a ring that truly speaks to you. Contact Artful Bracelets if you find a design you like and explore the possibility of creating a custom-made version. They also offer a Home Preview option, allowing you to try on two engagement rings at home. When shopping for engagement rings, consider researching all brands you’re interested in, ensuring they have a solid reputation and customer-friendly policies such as free shipping, easy returns, and lifetime warranties. Access to diamond experts is also crucial for any questions you may have about your engagement ring.


What type of engagement ring does Megan Fox have?

Megan Fox’s custom engagement ring consists of two rings that connect via magnetic bands. It features a pear-shaped emerald (Megan’s birthstone) and a diamond (Machine Gun Kelly’s birthstone), forming an unconventional heart.

What is the cost of Megan Fox’s engagement ring?

Machine Gun Kelly revealed that Megan Fox’s engagement ring cost $340,000.

What does a pear-shaped gem signify?

The pear-shaped diamond represents strong will, empowerment, independence, and unique style.

Which is better for an engagement ring – 14k or 18k gold?

While 18k gold boasts a more vibrant and bright appearance, 14k gold offers greater durability and resistance for those with active lifestyles, due to its higher percentage of alloyed metals.

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