Sapphire Pink Price

Sapphire Pink Price

Pink Sapphire Cost

When did Pink Sapphires become popular?

A few years back, Pink Sapphires started gaining widespread popularity as people began embracing their affinity for the color pink. Before this, many were hesitant to openly express their love for this enchanting hue.

Today, pink sapphire engagement rings are in high demand, particularly as color themes such as “blush themed” weddings become more prevalent. Choosing a pink sapphire allows individuals to showcase their favorite color. These sapphires serve as an excellent, more affordable alternative to pink diamonds, which are often prohibitively expensive.

Famous People who have Worn Pink Sapphire Jewelry

After her pregnancy announcement, Meghan Markle was seen wearing a pink sapphire cocktail ring.

Additionally, celebrity Nicole Richie flaunts a stunning pink sapphire engagement ring, and both Lily Collins and Blake Lively own beautiful pink sapphire rings.

Pink Sapphire Cost Factors

The price of pink sapphires can fluctuate significantly. For instance, a 1-carat pink sapphire gemstone typically costs between $900 and $3000. This price range is influenced by the stone’s brightness, clarity, and other characteristics. The four main factors determining the price are the 4Cs: cut, clarity, carat, and color. Let’s explore each of these in greater detail.

Carat Weight

As previously mentioned, the cost of a 1-carat pink sapphire can range from $900 to $3000 based on the gem’s quality. Instead of fixating on a specific carat weight, focusing on the gemstone’s overall quality and beauty is advisable. This has a more significant impact on the stone’s appearance. Personal preferences vary, with some opting for smaller pink sapphires and others preferring gemstones over 3 carats.

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Pink sapphires are available in a wide spectrum of shades, from pale pinks to bright, vivid hues like magenta. The most valued pink sapphires are those with intense, rich pink tones, often accompanied by a slight purple overtone.

Unlike diamonds, pink sapphires don’t adhere to a standardized color-grading scale, making it sometimes challenging to assess their value. Nonetheless, richer pink shades generally fetch higher prices. While brighter pinks are more coveted, some individuals might prefer darker tones. Ultimately, personal preference is key when selecting the perfect pink sapphire gemstone.

It’s noteworthy that most pink sapphires undergo heat treatment to eliminate or soften purple overtones. Untreated natural pink sapphires are rare, and when found, they come with a certificate. Although untreated sapphires are not necessarily superior, they are less common. Heat treatment is widely accepted and does not diminish the gemstone’s value.


The cut plays a vital role in determining a pink sapphire’s cost. Unlike diamonds, pink sapphires do not come in standardized cuts. The stone’s brilliance and clarity depend on the gem cutter, who tailors each cut to enhance the specific stone’s color.

Well-cut pink sapphires should exhibit symmetry and reflect light optimally to highlight the gemstone’s luster. Gem cutters often cut deeper into lighter pink sapphires to darken their color, while they usually opt for shallower cuts on darker stones to allow more light in, thereby moderating the color.

A poorly cut pink sapphire will appear dull and lack luster.


While clarity affects the other 3Cs significantly, its impact on pink sapphire value is relatively minor. Clarity grading is often general for pink sapphires. Gemologists typically do not use magnification to assess them but still inspect them thoroughly.

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The key factor is whether the gemstone is “eye-clean,” meaning no inclusions are visible to the naked eye. Eye-clean pink sapphires are more valuable.

Most pink sapphires, especially natural ones, contain some inclusions. The term “silk” refers to rutile needles within the stones. Completely inclusion-free pink sapphires might be synthetic. The best clarity grades are VS (very slightly included) and VVS (very very slightly included).


In summary, investing in pink sapphire jewelry proves to be a beautiful and timeless choice. These pieces are increasingly popular, and the love for the color pink is something to be celebrated.


Are pink sapphires valuable?

Yes, pink sapphires are valuable.

How much does 1 carat pink sapphire cost?

On average, a 1 carat pink sapphire will cost between $900 and $3000.

Which is better – blue or pink sapphire?

Both blue and pink sapphires are exceptional gemstones. Preference depends on individual taste.

Does the color of pink sapphire become dull over time?

The color of a pink sapphire can dull over time if it accumulates dirt or residue, but cleaning will restore its sparkle.

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