The Symbolism & Meaning of Crabs (+ Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal)

If ocean symbolism intrigues you, consider the rich symbolism and meaning behind crabs, recently featured in our jewelry designs.

Crabs, part of the crustaceans order alongside lobsters and crayfish, stand out with their unique arthropod features. Agile in forward and sideways movements, crabs use their claws, exoskeleton, and antennae to defend themselves from predators.

Symbolic and wise, crabs represent resilience, adaptability, growth, and resourcefulness, offering valuable life lessons.

Explore the symbolism, power, and meanings associated with crabs in the following sections.

Understanding Crab Symbolism

What's the Crab Symbolism?

In various media, crabs often possess grumpy personas due to their fierce nature. However, beyond this depiction lies a plethora of symbolism and teachings associated with these remarkable creatures.

Strength in Defense

Protected by their exoskeleton and powerful claws, crabs stand as formidable defenders, inspiring persistence and unwavering commitment to ideals.


Crabs’ tenacity in acquiring resources and resolving disputes serves as a reminder to remain resolute and decisive in pursuing opportunities without letting go.


Adaptable to both land and water environments, crabs symbolize resilience through life’s challenges and transformations.


With an intricate nervous system enabling swift adaptations, crabs teach the importance of flexibility and adjustment in ever-changing circumstances.

Growth through Change

Crabs shedding shells to facilitate growth symbolize liberation from constraints, urging personal evolution through transformative experiences.

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Embracing the Crab as a Spirit Guide, Power, & Totem Animal

Spirit Guide, Power & Totem Animal

The moon-associated crab spirit animal embodies water and Yin energies, offering protection and resilience mirrored in their hard shell.

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The sideways gait of crabs symbolizes strategic avoidance, advocating for wise and focused decision-making. Individuals connected to the crab as a totem embody strength, adaptability, and warrior-like traits.

Guiding individuals in challenging situations, the crab spirit encourages thoughtful resolutions. Emotionally or physically vulnerable persons find solace and protection in the presence of the crab totem.

Crabs’ adaptability and resilience empower them as potent animals, serving as influential power animals.

Reminding us of the importance to go with the flow and embrace adaptability while staying true to our authentic selves.

Significance of Crabs in Your Dreams

Crab symbolism in your dreams

Depending on the context of the dream, seeing a crab in your dreams can carry various interpretations. Some may feel exposed or excessively guarded when dreaming of a crab. A crab in a state of fear may signify apprehension toward change or the onset of new experiences. If the crab appears menacing in the dream, it serves as a warning to be cautious of those around you.

Symbolism of Crabs Across Different Cultures

Crab symbolism across culture

Symbolism in Native American Culture: Crabs symbolize rebirth and serve as a lunar emblem influencing emotions and intuition.

Interpretation in Western Cultures: In astrology, crabs represent the Cancer zodiac sign. They reflect the movement of water around the moon, a motif often seen in the moon card of tarot decks.

Influence in Eastern Beliefs: A belief in Chinese traditions implies that wearing crabs as talismans can enhance male sexual prowess. Additionally, they are thought to bring prosperity, health, harmony, and good fortune.

The Inspiration of the Shoreline

Crabs, with their beauty and mystique, are not just creatures known for their occasional grumpiness; they hold profound symbolic meanings. They act as powerful totems and spiritual mentors, imparting valuable life lessons.

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These resilient beings teach us the necessity of adapting our approach to circumstances to reach our objectives. Sometimes, obstacle-ridden paths demand our versatility to navigate through them.

Through the example of crabs, we are reminded of the virtues of resilience, self-discipline, and a willingness to embrace change and personal growth.

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