Battle of the Sparkling Stones: Lab Diamonds vs. White Sapphires

Lab Diamonds vs. White Sapphires

If this article caught your eye, it’s likely because you’re in search of a more affordable alternative to natural mined diamond jewelry. Whether you’re contemplating a once-in-a-lifetime investment such as an engagement ring or exploring cost-effective options like a mined diamond tennis bracelet, understanding the alternatives that lab diamonds and white sapphires offer is always […]

Effortless Tips for Choosing Second Marriage Engagement Rings

couple embracing in window

Today, it’s quite common to get engaged more than once. However, is there a different etiquette for choosing a ring for a second engagement? While there are no strict rules regarding engagement ring etiquette, couples entering a second marriage may lean towards a more subtle ring or choose to replace the wedding ring, opting to […]

Sparkling Carat Guide

Diamonds are typically measured in carat weight and millimeters. While carat weight is the standard unit of measurement for loose diamonds, millimeter measurements and ratios are crucial to get the best option within your budget. The Importance of a Diamond’s Millimeter Measurement The millimeter measurement of a diamond reveals its true size. Diamonds of the […]

Battle of the Blues: Natural vs Synthetic Aquamarine

At Artful Bracelets, we aim to ensure that jewelry buyers are well-informed about the various available options. Recently, buyers have the choice between earth-mined/natural aquamarine and synthetic aquamarine for their jewelry. But, what are the key differences, and how significant are they for the jewelry buyer? Aquamarine Basics What is Aquamarine Made Of? Both natural […]

Must-Have Key Pendant Styles You’ll Want to Flaunt

Key Pendant Designs

Necklaces are a quick way to enhance your style. Whether worn solo or layered, they offer numerous styling options. Among the vast array of necklace designs, key pendants stand out due to their visual appeal and symbolic meaning. These have been cherished for years, with many cultures valuing the significance of gifting keys to loved […]

The Ultimate Guide to Ruby Engagement Rings

Everything You Need to Know About Ruby Engagement Rings

Rooted in the Latin term for “red,” “ruben,” ruby engagement rings have surged in popularity among couples seeking distinct rings. For rubies, the main determinant of their value is the quality of the center stone; the deeper red and clearer the ruby, the higher its value. While rubies are traditionally set in yellow or rose […]

Unveiling the Mystery of Filigree Engagement Rings

filigree engagement rings man etching

Filigree engagement rings boast an intricate and ornamental design crafted from metal strands. In the world of jewelry, filigree holds a unique definition. It involves creating embellishments using delicate, pliable threads of precious metals like platinum or palladium, which are curled or twisted into specific designs and then soldered onto the jewelry’s surface. These processes […]