Miranda Kerr’s Sparkling Engagement Ring: Everything You Need to Know

Miranda Kerr engagement ring

Celebrity engagement rings have been inspiring brides-to-be for decades. Take Elizabeth Taylor, for instance. Despite being engaged ten times, each of her rings was a showstopper. Notably, the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond remains a timeless and beautiful “celebration of marriage” ring. Today, celebrities’ rings continue to fuel our dreams of owning sparkling gems. A prime example […]

Earth’s Largest Diamond: Meet the Record Breaker

what is the largest diamond in the world woman's hands

The world’s largest diamond, known as the “Star of Africa” or the Cullinan Diamond, weighs an incredible 3,106 carats, which translates to 1.3 pounds. Discovered in 1905 by Thomas Evan Powell at the Premier Mine in Pretoria, South Africa, he handed the gem over to Frederick Wells, the mine’s supervisor, to gain better insights on […]

Crack the Code: Mastering Diamond Carat and Size

Diamond Carat and Size

Among the four C’s of diamond buying, carat stands out as a crucial factor. It’s the internationally accepted standard for diamond weight, distinct from karat, which measures gold purity. Many brides-to-be might argue it’s the most significant aspect due to its considerable impact on the appearance of your engagement ring. Since you’ll often encounter it […]

K – M Colored Diamonds: Subtle Yellow Elegance

During the diamond’s natural growth process, trace elements and chemical impurities can impart a slight yellow or brown tint to the stone. Although this tint is often imperceptible, particularly in smaller diamonds, it does significantly affect the diamond’s value. For most jewelry, including engagement rings, the color’s impact on desirability is generally minimal. The Gemological […]

Everything You Should Understand About IGI Certification for Lab-Grown Diamonds

What is an IGI Certificate for a Lab Grown Diamond

  IGI lab-grown diamonds, also referred to as man-made, cultured, or engineered diamonds, are meticulously created in state-of-the-art laboratories. These diamonds grow through a precise process that simulates the conditions found in natural diamond formation, resulting in spectacular gems. Quality assurance is necessary across high-caliber products, and this is where IGI certification becomes vital, offering […]

The Birth and Creation of Moissanite

Moissanite Origin & Formation

Little is known about moissanite aside from its reputation as a beautiful and durable gemstone. Its origins and formation are even more obscure. We aim to shed some light on that here! Below is some of the information we’ve gathered regarding the discovery and formation of moissanite. Moissanite’s Origin Interestingly, moissanite wasn’t found in an […]