Everything You Need to Know About Blake Lively’s Engagement Ring

Blake Lively Engagement Ring

All About Blake Lively’s Engagement Ring

Few things are more inspirational to our culture than celebrities when it comes to fashion and beauty trends. The celebrity world is replete with glamorous jewelry, beautiful clothing, and a high dose of charm. Celebrities are individuals who, for various reasons, have reached a certain pinnacle in life. Celebrity engagement rings are particularly admired and followed closely.

Blake Lively has emerged as a significant tastemaker in recent years, known for her glamorous and feminine style. One of the most significant aspects of Lively’s ensembles is her engagement ring. Gifted by Ryan Reynolds, her now-husband, the ring boasts a massive pink diamond and stands out as one of the finest celebrity engagement rings.

Let’s delve deeper into Blake Lively’s engagement ring and explore how any woman can wear a similar piece.

Blake Lively’s Ring Features

At first glance, Lively’s ring captivates with its large, oval-shaped pink diamond. This light blush-colored diamond exudes femininity while being versatile enough to complement various outfits. Weighing about 12 carats, the diamond is not only breathtakingly beautiful but also extremely rare due to the scarcity of pink or red diamonds.

The pink theme continues with the rose gold setting of the ring, accentuating the central diamond’s color. Yet, the ring’s special charm doesn’t end there; it also features diamonds on the band, adding to its uniqueness. Lively matches the engagement ring with a contoured, diamond-studded wedding band, completing the look.

This ring epitomizes romance, evoking images of pretty princesses, and stands out as one of the most stunning custom engagement rings. While many Hollywood engagement rings are large and bulky, this design strikes a perfect balance. Despite the 12-carat diamond being sizable, the lightweight band offers an elegant contrast.

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Many brides-to-be dream of engagement rings designed specifically by their fiancée. Blake’s ring, designed by Ryan Reynolds with help from celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, a close friend of Lively, was a surprise creation without her input, and it turned out to be perfect.

Similar Rings from Artful Bracelets

Though not everyone can afford a diamond like Blake Lively’s, you can still draw inspiration from her style to create unique engagement rings of your own. Whether opting for a simple oval-shaped solitaire engagement ring or a more elaborate multi-diamond design, the possibilities are endless.

Artful Bracelets offers several designs that accommodate different styles and budgets. Here are a few noteworthy options:

Arc Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

Arc Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

This ring mirrors Blake Lively’s style, featuring a large oval diamond with a diamond-studded shank. Available in various gold colors or platinum, it stands out with a hidden halo at the base of the center stone, enhancing the sparkle. This modern twist on classic engagement rings ensures a timeless look. Additionally, the setting can accommodate round, cushion, and marquise cut diamonds, offering flexibility in choice.

Petal Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

Petal Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

This stunning ring design evokes the charm of vintage engagement rings with its delicate band featuring teardrops and graduated-sized diamonds. The hidden halo adds a modern touch, while the feminine design allows for a significant center diamond, up to 5 carats, creating a look reminiscent of Blake’s ring with a large central stone and smaller side diamonds.

Pave and Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring

Pave and Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring

For those preferring a minimalist design that still echoes Blake’s ring, this option features a large center stone with a diamond and Milgrain band. Instead of a halo, the center diamond stands alone, with the shank adorned with small diamonds for added sparkle. The Milgrain detailing ensures durability, and a matching wedding band complements this setting. The design can also accommodate various diamond shapes and can be customized further.

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Petal Hidden Accent Pave Engagement Ring

Petal Hidden Accent Pave Engagement Ring

For a simpler yet elegant style, consider this ring which features a large center stone, customizable in oval or various other shapes. Graduated diamonds embellish the shank, with the smallest diamonds nearest the center stone. A cathedral-style basket with a single small diamond on the side adds more sparkle, evoking a princess-like charm without a hefty price tag.

Pave Prong Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Pave Prong Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring


This ring epitomizes modern glamour with its design. It boasts a knife-edge shank adorned with pave diamonds along each side and halfway down the shank. Additionally, more small diamonds embellish the outside of each prong that secures the large center stone. To top it all off, a hidden halo adds an extra layer of sparkle.

If Lively’s ring has inspired you, but you desire a contemporary touch, this ring is an excellent option. While this setting does not accommodate a pear diamond, it can accommodate nearly any other shape, ensuring you get a unique piece that suits your style.

The Takeaway

Your engagement ring should be a reflection of your personality and the bond you share with your forever partner. It should be a piece you cherish wearing every day for the rest of your life. While celebrity ring ideas can provide great inspiration, it’s important to avoid getting a copycat ring simply because a favorite celebrity has one.

Thankfully, there are numerous options available. In addition to the examples we’ve discussed, Artful Bracelets offers the expertise to help you and your partner create a perfect ring. Plus, at Artful Bracelets, you can try on a replica engagement ring at home for two weeks before making a purchase. This risk-free trial ensures you’re certain the ring suits you.

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Even with meticulous planning, issues might arise. Therefore, it’s wise to choose a company dedicated to your satisfaction. Features like free shipping, easy returns, a lifetime warranty, and consultation with diamond experts provide peace of mind, avoiding any stress during the transaction process.


What is the cost of Blake Lively’s engagement ring?

Experts estimate the cost to be approximately $2 million, primarily due to the massive pink diamond.

What kind of engagement ring does Blake Lively have?

It is a custom engagement ring featuring a pink oval diamond and a pave shank.

What is the diamond cut on Blake Lively’s engagement ring?

The ring features an oval brilliant cut diamond, a modern style that beautifully complements her fingers.

What does an oval diamond symbolize?

While the oval cut is very contemporary and lacks historical symbolism, it is regarded as very romantic and feminine—ideal for the princess in your life.

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