Crafting Keepsakes For A Fur-Ever Friend: Cremation Jewelry With Artfulbracelets

Crafting Keepsakes For A Fur-Ever Friend: Cremation Jewelry With Artfulbracelets

Saying Goodbye To A Lifelong Companion

The hardest day of my life was probably January 29, 2024, just two days after his 14th birthday when my dog Mack passed away.

Throughout crucial life events like college, career beginnings, meeting the love of my life, and through tough and happy times, Mack, whom I got as a puppy, remained my trusted companion.

Seeing his smiling face and wagging tail always lifted my spirits on difficult days. Not just a friend but like a child since I didn’t have kids yet, Mack’s absence left a noticeable void after bidding him farewell.

Jami's dog Mack smiling, in the background is a blue lake

Apart from my grief, Mack’s passing deeply affected my fiancé. Being together for 12 years, our lives revolved around Mack.

Another person shattered by Mack’s loss was my 86-year-old Grandmother.

Grandma’s Best Friend

Whenever we were away for long periods, Mack stayed with my grandmother and was treated like royalty. Their daily time together strengthened their bond.

Following Mack’s passing, we chose cremation to keep his memory alive in our journeys.

Jami's grandmother and Mack

Wanting to carry Mack’s memory forward, I sought special jewelry from Artful Bracelets that could incorporate his ashes in a meaningful way.

Unaware that Artful Bracelets could create keepsakes using ashes, I found out they could work with this element, just like sand and earth elements from Dune.

Cremation Jewelry from Dune

Discovering Dune’s cremation jewelry, I was certain of where to find our special pieces due to their superior designs.

Opting for rings, my fiancé and I selected our daily wears – the Boho Stack Ring in 14k Gold for me and the Luxe Men’s Band Ring for my fiancé.

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For my grandmother, I chose the exquisite Angel Wing Ornament by Tiffany Rice, awaiting the creation of these beautiful pieces with Mack’s ashes.

Handcrafting shot of Artful Bracelets's rings cremation jewelry

When working with ashes, Dune advised mixing them with other elements for ease of handling, prompting me to choose an element reminiscent of Mack’s favorite park, Point Au Roche State Park in Plattsburgh, NY.

In the park, we would walk for miles, hike beautiful trails, and run in the open fields, creating many fond memories.

As Mack grew older and struggled with walking long distances, we would use his dog stroller to take him for a stroll on the paved paths, ensuring he could still enjoy his favorite place on earth.

This park will forever have a special place in our hearts, making it the perfect choice for our special pieces from Artful Bracelets.

Following a nearby snowstorm, I visited Point Au Roche State Park to find elements to incorporate with Mack’s cremains for a symbolic design of his life.

Amidst the snow and ice, I discovered shells in the water and beautiful rocks along the shore, which I collected, washed, dried, combined with Mack’s cremains, and sent to Artful Bracelets to work their magic.

Crafting our keepsakes, the pieces arrived at my doorstep sooner than expected, stunning me with their beauty, surpassing all expectations.

The pieces make it feel like Mack is with us every day, no matter where we are or what we do, adding a special touch to our lives.

While nothing can fully heal our hearts or bring Mack back, these sentimental pieces from Artful Bracelets provide immense comfort, cherished for a lifetime.

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